Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana the movie is different from the other episodes. Most of her life she had the best of both worlds. But in this movie she has to make a choice. She wants to be Hannah all the time but while trying to do that she lets down friends and family. In the end she learns that Miley's life is just as inportant.

Miley has a double life. Because she had a dream of being a pop star and wanting to have a normal life she created Hannah Montana. That way she could live her dream and be ordinary. Only Lilly, Oliver and Miley's family know the secret. Also Roxy, Hannah' s bodyguard knows the secret. Later in the series she also tells Jake Ryan and Jessie her secret.

Hannah Montana , teen pop sensation, seems like a ordinary pop star. But take away the limo and the lights and she is just Miley Stewart, a regular high school girl. She goes through lots of trouble keeping her double life secret safe!

Hannah Montana is a TV seires. It has been on TV for quite a while. There are 4 seasons. The first 3 seasons have about 28 episodes, and the 4th one has 13 episodes. Each episode has a different story and lesson. It is a great show and I hope you like it!

Hannah Montana season 4 is different from most seasons. It only has 13 episodes. In the 9th episode she tells the whole world her secret, because she was having a hard time. The episodes after that are about how her new life is.

Miley has 2 best friends. One is a girl named Lilly Truscot. She loves skate boarding and is very sarcastic. Miley's other best friend is Oliver Oken. He can be pretty dumb and Miley often gets annoyed with him. But her annoyance with Oliver is nothing compered to her annoyance with her brother Jackson. Jackson can be gross and selfish but he can also be a great brother. She also has a dad. His name is Robby Ray. Miley loves her daddy and they have a very strong relationship. Mileys mum died when Miley was 11 and Jackson was 13. They are all very sad about it but she still pops into there dreams!

Hannah Montana has a lot of songs. Robby Ray writes most of them but sometimes she writes her own. They also write songs together. Here are all the songs I could find!

Best Of Both worlds

This is the life

Just like you

Pumping up the party

The other side of me

Who said

If we were a movie

I got nerve

Make some noise

True Friend

One in a million

LIfes what you make it

Nobody's perfect

Bigger than us

Old blue jeans

Rock star

We got the party

Lets get crazy

Lets do this


Ice cream freaze

He could be the one

Its all right here

Bone Dance

You'll always find your way back home

Are you ready

Ordinary Girl

Need a little love

Been here all along

Que Sera

Im still Good

Love that lets go

Gonna get This

Barefoot cindarella

Ill always remember you

Werever I go

Kiss it goodbye